études was born from a conversation, a wish to attain serenity by simplifying thoughts and figures while honoring the past and its environment.

Architecture being incomplete without the perceptual and emotional involvement of the viewer, the spaces we create seek to be respectful of a land, a building or a culture. Celebrating knowledge and care.

Following each other’s steps as childhood friends from afar, Karine and Nicolas met again in Tokyo in 2013, a partnership that evolved through numerous walks and talks challenging their respective practice.

Their different personalities and common passion for sensible and natural architecture made their complementarity clear.

Although études started on different continents, it crystalized in Brussels in late 2020.

Drawing - études
We believe the architect to be an enabler,
Each project we study is charged with responsibility,
To create places that belong to their context,
Silent spaces for human interaction,
Room for abstraction.
études - Drawings

Karine Szekeres

Co Founder - Head of Design

Karine is responsible for tying the studio ideals to projects from initial concept design through to cohesive and considered built works.

She spent the last five years working as the lead designer for Templeton architecture in Melbourne where her refined aestheticand uncompromising dedication to her craft has been a source of inspiration and joy for clients and colleagues.

Initially trained as an interior architect at the CAD, in Brussels, she then worked for Tetsuo Kondo Architects in Tokyo and WOJR in Boston where she developed an unrelenting search for perfection through considered design details and honest materiality.

The radicality and subtleness of her work can be traced back to her training as a professional ballet dancer which she says “instilled her with the passion to create a silent architecture, respectful of the past and its environment for a timeless intervention”.

When not in the office, you’ll find her in museums across the globe or exploring Japan.

Photography, Cilou de Bruyne

Nicolas Wicart

Co Founder - Head of Architecture

Nicolas is a registered architect and the co-founder at études Architecture & Design.

He has worked across geographical borders and scales, from store design in Japan, to mixed use and residential buildings in North America and Europe, combining a strong intuition for function and proportion with a considerable technical insight.

Trained both at La Cambre Horta in Brussels and Keio University in Tokyo, Nicolas’ interests range from the social impact of architecture, to the importance of building traditions and techniques.

He considers architecture as “a place where the aesthetic of space meets with social and contextual preoccupations”.

When not in the office, you’ll find him climbing, skiing down a mountain or sailing any body of water.